Thursday, August 21, 2008

VID: Pioneer RT-909 playing "Doctor Who"

In this video, the Pioneer RT-909 is playing back one of the most famous TV themes of all times: "Doctor Who", originally composed by Delia Derbyshire.

tape was recorded at 7.5 ips - 19 cm/s loaded into one the smallest reel I have and uses the original NAB hub adaptors and the original metal take-up reel.


Kurt said...

The RT-909 user manual says do not use reels 5" or smaller. Why?

TheReeler said...

For me there are two anwsers, the main is because of the electric brake, for example when you are in FF mode and press stop and the small reel is in the left side. In this case, when stop is pressed, the left motor turns with more power and if the reel is too small, it will goes into RWD and will not respond to any button.

Occurs the same if you do tension both tension arms and press FF and after that, try to press STOP. Look what happens. But don't worry, you can turn the deck off and the problem is solved.

The other anwser is because the tension can be too much for the tape when small reels are used, but if the tape is not very thin, there's no problem. I've played and recorded lots of reels of 5" and never had a problem.