Thursday, August 14, 2008

VID: Pioneer RT-707 playing Jazz

This was probably the best of the 7" reel to reel decks ever made, built like a tank.

It has three motors (all direct drive), four heads (erase, record and forward and reverse playback), two speeds (7.5 and 3.75 ips / 19 and 9.5 cms) and is autoreverse in playback mode.

The unique belt the machine has inside is the used for the counter. All transport functions are activated by solenoids and has big and real reading VU meters.

Has a switch for bias setting (STD and LH) and another for EQ setting (STD and LH), independent record channel modes, pitch control, autorepeat function and line and mic input knobs with mix signal function. In the backside, it has independent output volume knobs.

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Bob Kroll said...

I've owned a RT707 for many years, but recently I can't get much sound out of it -- the tape feeds through the heads normally, there is movement of the needles, but only a tiny sound comes out at full volume on the amplifier. Any suggestions?