Thursday, August 28, 2008

DES: Pioneer PR-85 7" metal reel

Now is the turn of one of the most wanted 7" metal reels, the original one that came with the Pioneer models RT-701 and RT-707. However, it was also sold separately.

It has six holes "in line" with three screws and it's very light because the holes are really big and between each one, there is a radius that goes to the center hub. There is also present a single slot to hold the tape.

The aluminium is very delicated because of the size of the holes. The central hub has three marks to hold the spindle in the right position while pressing the reel.

Here are some shots of this beauty:


Closer look

Running at 9.5 cm/s

With the reel full of tape


jrainey said...

I own a Pioneer Light Metal Reel - Model PR-85 great condition and want to sell it. Are you interested?

TheReeler said...

Since I already have one in top condition in original box, 25 euros would be my offer.

RHSquared said...

Hi jrainey,

Is the PR-85 still for sale?
What sort of money you want for it?


Anonymous said...

I have one for sale here: