Monday, December 29, 2008


Release date: Nomvember 2008

ReVox B77 MK-II

Possibly the left reel is a ReVox novodur plastic reel and the right one is a Philips or Grundig metal take-up reel.

Friday, December 12, 2008

VID/DES: Maxell 10.5" black metal reel

This is one of the rarest reel that I have and of course wasn't commercially released, it was made by someone. The reel was probably in origin a Maxell silver reel, one of the first designs, almost the same than the common 3 holes from Agfa and ReVox.

The reel presented here is painted in black but with a layer of bright varnish, so the final result is really cool. All the lettering is in gold colour, with the characteristical big "m" of maxell and the brand written too. Lettering is in both sides and placed three times in a 120ยบ configuration.

Pictures worth more than one thousand words:

And here is a video with this reel used as take-up reel in a Teac X-2000R: