Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DES: Teac X-2000R

This is the top of the line reel to reel model made by Teac. It's 4 tracks 2 channels in quater inch wide tape and can hold reels until 10.5" (26.7 cms.).

It has 6 heads (cobalt amorphous record and playback), fully bi-directional, 3 motors and dual capstan drive system (belt driven).

Two speeds, 7.5 ips (19 cm/s) and 3.75 ips (9.5 cm/s), electronic real time counter (hour, minutes and seconds) and fully tension servo control, which means that you can use any size of reel without adjusting the tension manually by a switch.

Was produced in silver and black:

Original japanese ad

It's one of the few machines that has a built-in decoder/encoder dbx type I professional noise reduction system. Other rare feature is that the machine can use "EE" tape (Extra Efficience = CrO2). I think that only Maxell, Akai and Basf produced "EE" tape.
The transport function is computerized and has functions like return-to-zero, return-to-cue, program, repeat, set-cue and reset the counter.

Original spanish ad

It's said that the Teac X-2000R maybe is the best consumer machine ever made, but for me it has at least one disavantadge: the use of lifters in the tape path to separate the tape of the heads during FF and RWD.

TDK also produced "EE" tape, which was labeled as "SA". Akai never produced his own "EE" tape, really the chrome tape inside Akai reels were produced by Maxell (XLII).

Thanks to Frank Oomen for the correction.


Anonymous said...

:..for me it has at least one disavantadge: the use of lifters in the tape path to separate the tape of the heads during FF and RWD.

I imagine you mean you cannot hear the material to locate the right spot when you are winding. So I am wondering why you are not using the lever to listen while you wind?

Mikkel Breiler

TheReeler said...

No. I mean the tape-to-head contact is better if you use lifters to go the tape up instead of to separate the tape from the heads.

At high FF or RWD speeds, for me lifters don't care too much of delicate tapes.

Some pro machines uses the system of lifters to help the tape to do a better contact with the heads.

Will write about this soon

Yotari said...

I've fallen in love with this machine. I had a ferrograph logic seven in the early 90's, but had to sell it. I always regret letting it go. I've set my heart on another reel to reel, after watching pulp fiction the other day!

If anybody knows of a good X-200r for sale, please let me know!


lynnie said...

I have a beautiful Teac X2000r I might sell...