Sunday, February 10, 2008

PER: Patrick Guide

Patrick has three reel to reel decks in good condition, all 4 tracks 2 channels heads configuration in 1/4" tape.

The three decks are autoreverse and have three motors each one.

Teac A-4010 with the original Teac RE-711 metal reel.

Technics RS-1700 with the originals Technics RP-10A metal reel.

Teac X2000R BL with the original Teac RE-1003 metal reel.


Star Gazer said...

Hi patrick. I enjoy your reel to reel blog. Question, you indicated 'two track' on autoreverse units, but I was under the impression to do auto rev it must be 4 track. Could you explain.

TheReeler said...


I'm the owner of this blog, but I'm not Patrick :) He's a member of the reeltoreel Yahoo! group.

About "two track" isn't correct. The text says "4 tracks 2 channels heads configuration in 1/4" tape", which means that there're four tracks recorded in the tape, but only two are played at one time, so, it's a stereo configuration for each side of the tape.

If a machine would be a "two tracks two channels", this would mean that is has two tracks in all the width of the tape, so is a stereo configuration in a single side of the tape, or a mono track for each side of the tape.