Saturday, March 15, 2008

AN: Darth Vader's RTR deck

A few days a go I bought a pair of ReVox black metal NAB hub adapters to use with the Grundig TS-1000, but looking at them, I thought that the black color reminded me to Darth Vader, so I started to think how would be his reel to reel deck if it had appeared in the movie.

As most of us know, TEAC decks were used in the production of the movie to record some special effects. In Star wars movie, a deck with digital counter would be on expected and of course, big reels.

My final guess is the following one:

- Teac X-2000R BL(lack)
- ReVox black metal NAB hub adapters
- 10.5" red metal reels

I could use another black faced deck, like the Grundig TS-1000, but as it has analog counters, the best scene would be a Teac X-2000, a Akai GX-747 or a Technics RS-1800. Since I have a Teac X-2000R BL, here are the shots:

Of course, the deck is playing "The Imperial March".

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