Sunday, June 1, 2008

VID: Pioneer RT-909

In this video, the Pioneer RT-909 is playing back a tape recorded at 7.5 ips - 19 cm/s loaded into big reels and uses ReVox metal blue NAB hub adaptors.

VID: Akai GX-77

The GX-77 was the last model made by Akai. It's the younger brother of the GX-747.

It's a three motors machine, two speeds (3.75 ips - 9.5 cm/s and 7.5 ips - 19 cm/s), full reverse with 6 heads and ca handle up to 7" reels.

Can use "EE" tape and has external bias fine adjustement. The difference with any other reel to reel deck is the exclusive system to load the tape, which uses a roller to make the tape go against the heads.

VID: Grundig TK-146

I have recently fixed this beauty. It looks like new has more than 40 years. This one was the first Grundig machine made with transistors instead of tubes. It's a 4 tracks 1 channel mono, single speed (9.5 cm/s - 3.75 ips) and single motor. Has built-in amp and speaker. It can handle up to 5" 3/4 - 15 cms. reels. Although is a mono machine, can reproduce two channels at a time.

I recorded a stereo tape in a Pioneer RT-909 and here is the result: