Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DES: ReVox 7" metal blue reel

ReVox is a brand well-knowned in the reel to reel recorders world. Most of the ReVox material is legendary, from machines to accesories.

But there is one object not so popular, the hard to find 7" metal blue reel.

It has 3 holes "in line" with 3 philips screws. It's very width, so it's very difficult that the tape touch the flanges. It has no slots where to hold the tape.

The design is almost identical to the AGFA-GEVAERT 7" metal reel, except in one detail: the hub. If you look carefully to the pic, the hub where the spindle gets the reel isn't part of the blue reel, it's part of the hub and it's made of (I think) a very hard plastic which doesn't get marked in spite of the use.

It's made of a hard aluminium that won't bend easily. It looks nice with a Pioneer RT-707 and even in bigger decks like the Pioneer RT-909.

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Anonymous said...

Dear tape recorder collector,
I saw with a big shock your pioneer recorder with two different reel sizes..
maybe you don't know it.. but that's very bad for your deck!

By the way, it's a beautiful deck!