Monday, July 20, 2009

REP: Calibrating Pioneer RT-909 torgue

I calibrated the tension and backtension of a Pioneer RT-909 some months ago but I didn't remember that I had uploaded two videos about it.

The first shows the problem, only present in RWD mode:

This can be produced by you if you just play with the internal pots without knowing exactly what are you doing and without having the correct tools to calibrate the tension:

- The service manual where is described the procedure to follow and the order in which is needed to do it.

- A spring gauge, or even better, a tentelometer.

Notice that even when the tension is not correct in one transport function and rest seems to work OK, all the entire calibration is needed because the values of the rest impact in the other tensions.

This is the result after some time calibrating the pots until getting the correct readings in the tentelometer:


Bopat said...

When will you continue your blog?

TheReeler said...

Well, frankly I thought that nobody readed it...

Thanks for you comment anyway.

Patty Ski said...

Oh yes we are reading it, I like it very much....

Anonymous said...

mee too! look at this baby spin!!! xD

I had a r2r when I was young (90's), love them ever since