Sunday, April 12, 2009

VID: Uher 4400 Report Monitor

Doing a test with a piece of Maxell UD tape recorded very hot played back at 19 cms/7.5 ips in the Uher 4400 Report Monitor plugged by the DIN output socket to my main stereo system. It sounds really good even with those levels.


reel to reel said...

beautiful machine.

JackHenry said...

I love these machines. There is something about these machines that really appeals (like the Nagra too)

How difficult is it to either find the cables, or make an adapter to, connect the DIN plugs back to TRS or XLR for headphone/microphone connections. I currently solder my own various cables but know nothing about the wiring in DINs.

zanfona said...

I'd also be very interested in this information. I specifically have a 4400 stereo report IC and wanted to make a pair of DIN-XLR adapters for my mics. I think that there could be some parallel to the wiring of Sennheiser mics like the MD 421? I believe the DIN for this connector, per the manuals, is DIN 45594. I also found the following page:
The mystery, of course, will be to find out the correct pinouts on the other end!
Good luck,