Saturday, September 20, 2008

VID: Pioneer RT-707 playing Iron Maiden

Just another video showing a Pioneer RT-707spinning. Since I'm doing the videos with a photo camera and sometimes with a webcam, the sound is really bad, but at this time I'm unable to copy from the video camera to the computer, so until better news, both video and audio quality won't be as good as in the first videos, but I think the top quality is not the goal when the videos will be watched in YouTube.

This time with two ReVox 7" metal reels, one in blue and one in gold, spinning at 19cm/s - 7.5 ips that contains close shots so that every detail can be watched.

I wish you like and enjoy it.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

damm it

I just wanted to find me a reel 2 reel player for hearing precisely that

I'm a maiden maniac

the sound is awfully good

nothing you might reckon on a CD player

I'll find that

no matter how, no matter why

Thanks fellow