Tuesday, December 25, 2007

TIP: Removing old stickers from reels

Most of us have reels with stickers in one or both sides and maybe one day we want to remove them and it's a impossible mission or at least, a very difficult thread to remove them without problems.

Someone told me a good tip to do this easily. The surface where is the old sticker must be heated using a hair dryer very close to the area.

I've just done this with this reel:

Pass the tape to another reel:

Once it's empty of tape, it can be used the hair dryer:

After a few minutes the sticker can be removed slowly without too many problems:

Once all stickers are removed, the tape can be wound again to its original reel:

It's an easy tip but very useful. If there's any mark of glue in the reel, clean it with isopropanol and it will look as new.

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