Saturday, February 7, 2009

VID: Akai GX-77

A close view to the singular Akai GX-77, a six heads machine with quick reverse function thanks to a dual capstan mechanism that spins in opposite directions and where only one pinch roller is used in each way, not both.

This was also the unique reel to reel deck that uses a very curious mechanism to place the tape in the correct heads path.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hallo, as you know i have the black version of that deck, but I'm not using bcausa randomly the pinch rollr gets "Stuck" on the up position and then you cant do nothing. Later, when you switch on the deck, the p.r. goes back to its original position as it would't nothing happned. Seems nobody knows about this, and after dismounting it, I have neiter a clue about why's that. So I'm using the 707.... Nhn.-

TheReeler said...

Hi Nohant!,

When the pinch rollers get in the upper position, does the central roller goes down or also it doesn't move to the bottom position?.