Thursday, December 20, 2007

VID: Grundig TS-1000 with new leds

The Grundig TS-1000 was the top of the line of the Grundig brand and was his last reel to reel made. Was fabricated about 1976 and has three speeds, 7.5, 3.75 and 1.875 ips plus a varispeed that goes from lower than 1.875 ips to higher than 7.5 ips.

The tension is electronic controled by optical sensors in tension arms. How lower is the position of the tension arm, higher is the voltage of that motor and vice versa.

All transport functions are sensi-touch buttons, you don't need to press the button, just touch it with a finger. These buttons has a 5mm. led on top of them to mark which function is enabled at any moment, event the STOP mode. The original ones were all red and I've recently changed all them with new ones in different colors. Red for RECORD, bluw for FF and RWD, orange for PAUSE, green for PLAY and flashing yellow for STOP.

I made a video where is showed how does it look like now:

In the video the leds seem to light too much, but is an effect fue that the camera was just in front of the deck. Next pics shows how much light you can see if you don't watch them just in the axis of their light:

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Tan said...

Hi: I just saw the following- VID:Grundig TS-1000 with new leds. This was posted in December 2007. I also have a Grundig TS1000 and am desperate to source 2/3 parts for my tape recorder.

Any help I can get will be much appreciated.